Lize-Mari Retief, a South African swimmer, has recently received a lot of attention as she smashes records across the country. The University of Pretoria student has ranked second in the world in the 100m butterfly.

Not only is Lize-Mari an amazing swimmer, her compassion for people around the world has inspired many other athletes to take action for those in need.

When asked why she joined Team Darfur, Lize-Mari had this to say:

“God works through us, through our skills and talents to do his work. To show love is to show God love; to isolate and ignore people, especially those in need, is to isolate and ignore God.

The people in Darfur need help. They need God’s light to pull them out of the darkness and top athlete’s have the power to carry God’s light to them.

I joined Darfur so that I could be part of the team, to be God’s voice and hands here on earth.”