Michael Ditchfield


Michael Ditchfield is a former Blackburn Rovers soccer player. Michael is now the president of the 16th of May foundation, and an active member of Team Darfur.

On April 9, 2008 Team Darfur athletes Emanuel Neto and Michael Ditchfield joined actress Maria Bello, Pulitzer-Prize winning author Michael Chabon and thousands of Darfur activists to create a “sea of green for Darfur” along the planned route of the official Olympic torch. 

Michael on ESPN.com :

Ditchfield, who has been to Darfur to see the destruction and violence, is quick with a response: “When you’re dealing with sport and the Olympics, you’ve got your talent, you have your arms and legs; those are your weapons. But when you’re dealing with restoring peace in the world and you’ve got a platform because you’re an athlete, your voice becomes your weapon, and that can go so far! Far beyond the final whistle or even an Olympic medal — that resounding voice of peace from a platform that people hear.”