Kalon Ludvigson


Kalon is a 20 year old gymnast from Sterling, Utah.   He has been competing since he was 8 years old, and won his first competition in Tumbling for his age group at the 1996 US Championship in Phoenix, Arizona.   He has competed both nationally and internationally; his most recent achievement was placing 1st in Tumbling at the 2008 Winter Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Kalon has a great passion for gymnastic that tracks back to when he was a kid.  His early involvement in gymnastics commenced on a day when he decided to  follow his two sisters (both cheerleaders)  to the gym.   The thing he enjoys most about his success in gymnastics is that he gets to travel and see the world.   His goals are to steadily improve at the highest level, and to one day make the Olympic Team.