Stephanie Sandler


Stephanie Sandler competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and has competed successfully in numerous other regional and international events.

When asked why she joined Team Darfur she responded:

It is every athlete’s dream to win a World Championships and or an Olympic Games. There is no greater reward for any athlete and I am sure everyone can agree on that. Except that Joey Cheek found a reward greater than that of a World Championship title or an Olympic Gold medal. Not specifically a reward that replaced the greatest moment in his sporting career, but a reward that possibly gave him meaning on another level. At his most glorifying moment, the one we all would steal for ourselves in an effort to make it last forever, he decided to share it and give everything of it that he had. Not only to Athletes all around the world but using his sporting ability he decided to give it to people who have so little and who struggle to live from day to day where basic survival requirements cannot be met thanks to the circumstances which they live in. Freedom and peace are merely their Olympic dream. This act of total selflessness and giving whereby Joey invested in a cause more worthy than any medal really made me think about what matters most in life.

It is said that you should use your gift for the greater good. Joey Cheek is a true example to follow. I am really honored to be part of an organization such as Team Darfur and as a sport’s person having been approached by a sporting athlete has allowed me to identify with the Team much more closely.