Katie Brambley





Katie Brambley is an impressive woman. In 2000, her Olympic relay team placed 5th. She is also a three-time national champion. She has competed at two Pan American Games, winning three medals.

Along with competitive swimming, Katie found time to be an HIV/AIDS awareness activist in Africa. She has also been a sports-education advocate throughout Canada. In additon, Katie worked in Seychelles as an Olympic Education and Development Officer. She helped establish an “Olympic Club” after school program in 14 schools across the country. During her time in Seychelles, she also volunteered at a local orphanage, playing with kids aged 2 to 16.

In 2007, she earned her MBA from McGill. In 2006, Canadian Business magazine highlighted her as one of its “Top Students and Grads who are making the Grade.” She attributed her success, in part, to her skills at balancing a busy schedule, which she learned through her competitive swimming schedule. When we asked her to join Team Darfur, her response was, “I have signed up and am happy to be a part of what you are doing.” We appreciate her enthusiasm and know that she has done her part to make this world a better place.