Vince Poscente

Speed Skier
Vince Poscente

Canadian Olympic Speed Skier Vince Poscente competed in the 1992 Olympic Games.

On December 10th, 2007 four Team Darfur Olympians joined Darfur activists, actresses Mia Farrow and Melissa Fitzgerald, radio host Joe Madison and Darfuri refugees for the conclusion of the US symbolic torch relay for Darfur. Joey Cheek, Nikki Stone, Vince Poscente and Nathaniel Mills addressed why the spirit of the Olympics means that the world should unite to help protect the people of Darfur.

When asked why he joined Team Darfur Vince responded:

I have joined Team Darfur for reasons that match the three Olympic ideals:

1. The Pursuit of Excellence – Excellence is not about being perfect, winning or being right. It is a behavior that all humans have the choice to engage in. Excellence is integrity of effort. All countries, companies, politicians and individuals like you and I make the choice to live with integrity or take a darker path.

2. Fair play – A victory is not a victory if a person cheats, lies or even avoids getting caught. The stakeholders in the Darfur crisis have a responsibility to tell the truth to themselves and the world they live and act with honor and respect for human life.

3. International Understanding – At the Olympics the media and countries count medals. Fans cheer the name of their country. But the most profound experience for Olympians is the brotherhood that exists between athletes from around the world. We are all brothers and sisters and the peace relies on this awareness.

But all this are mere words.

Why did I join Team Darfur? An adaptation of a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote comes to mind. How you act and who you are speaks so loudly I can’t here what you’re saying.