Jon Rankin

Track and Field

Jon Rankin is a stand-out track and field distance runner from UCLA. He is also a 2008 Olympic hopeful for the United States. Rankin is CEO of the nonprofit Shoes 4 the Soul, Inc.When asked why he joined Team Darfur he responded:

I decided to join Team Darfur because I believe that all people have the right to live in peace and enjoy prosperity. Many people in Darfur are suffering due to an unjust situation and I want to be part of a solution that will hopefully lead to peace and prosperity for those people. I realize how fortunate I am to have the life that I lead here in America as a citizen and a professional athlete. Yet, at this point, I cannot continue to honestly enjoy my life here knowing that the people of Darfur aren’t being given a chance to also have the best life they can possibly have. As an athlete and possible 2008 United States Olympian on Team Darfur, I believe that a united stance by all other Olympians and professional athletes during this upcoming Olympic year can help bring an end to the war and bring peace to the lives of the people living in those areas.

For more background on why Jon joined Team Darfur and his other pursuits, read his blog entry here or listen to an interview here.