Health Ideas 7 Myths About Physical Therapy

7 Myths About Physical Treatment

Physical therapists are usually motion experts who help individuals reduce pain, enhance or restore flexibility, and stay energetic throughout lifestyle. But there are several common misconceptions that usually discourage folks from seeking actual physical therapist treatment.

It is time to debunk 7 common myths about actual treatment:

1. Myth: I want a referral to visit a bodily therapist.

Fact: A recently available study by the American Actual Therapy Association revealed 70% of individuals believe a referral or doctor prescribed is necessary for evaluation by way of a physical therapist. Nevertheless, a physician’s referral is not needed for you yourself to be evaluated by way of a actual physical therapist. Some claims have restrictions concerning the treatment a actual therapist can provide with out a physician’s referral plus some insurance companies need a referral. Have a look at APTA’s direct access overview chart (.pdf) to start to see the restrictions inside a state.

2. Myth: Physical treatment is unpleasant.

Fact: Bodily therapists seek to reduce your discomfort and pain—which includes chronic or long-term pain. They function inside your pain threshold to assist you heal, and restore motion and functionality. The survey discovered that although 71% of individuals who’ve never visited a bodily therapist think physical treatment is painful, that amount considerably decreases among patients who’ve seen a actual physical therapist during the past year.

3. Myth: Physical treatment is for injuries and mishaps.

Fact: Physical therapists execute a lot more than simply stretch or strengthen fragile muscles after a personal injury or surgery. They’re skilled at analyzing and diagnosing possible problems before they result in more serious accidents or disabling situations—from carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder, to chronic headaches and spine pain, to name several.

4. Myth: Any healthcare professional is capable of doing physical therapy.

Fact: Although 42% of consumers understand that physical treatment can only just be performed by way of a licensed actual therapist, 37% nevertheless believe other healthcare professionals may also administer physical treatment. Many physical therapists furthermore pursue board qualification in specific locations such as for example neurology, orthopedics, sports activities, or women’s wellness, for instance.

5. Myth: Physical therapy isn’t included in insurance policy.

Fact: Most plans cover some type of physical treatment. Beyond insurance plan, physical therapy has which can keep your charges down by helping individuals avoid unwanted imaging scans, surgery, or prescription medications. Physical therapy may also lower costs by assisting patients avoid drops or by addressing problems before they turn out to be chronic.

6. Myth: Surgery will be my only choice.

Fact: Oftentimes, physical treatment has been proven to be as effectual as surgery in dealing with an array of conditions—from rotator cuff tears and degenerative disk condition, to meniscal tears plus some types of knee osteoarthritis. Anyone who has recently seen a bodily therapist understand this to be real, with 79% believing actual physical therapy can provide an alternative solution to surgery.

7. Myth: I could do physical treatment myself.

Fact: Your participation is paramount to a successful treatment solution, but every patient nevertheless needs the expert treatment and guidance of an authorized actual therapist. Your therapist will leverage their specialized schooling, clinical knowledge, and the most recent available evidence to judge your needs and create a medical diagnosis before generating an individualized program of care.

It is possible to contact a bodily therapist straight for an evaluation. To locate a actual physical therapist in your town, visit Look for a PT.